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Order Completion Rate Help

I’m going to lose my level 2 status tomorrow because one order was placed by mistake by someone in the last 60 days and we had to cancel it. They did not fully read nor understand my gig requirements and now I pay the price for it by damaging my order completion rate? I request that in order to retain level 2 status Fiverr drops the order completion rate down to maybe 85% or something. 90% is just too high in my opinion. It’s taken me a long time to earn level 2 and it appears that it’s far too easy to lose it. I really like Fiverr and am thankful for the gig success I’ve had, I just wish they were supporting sellers more in situations such as this.


By some miracle, I was able to get a new job today - completed it and I’m now at 89%!!! So freaking disappointing. I have 53 five star reviews (and NOTHING LESS THAN 5 stars!) and have completed 74 orders total. I have ONE order get cancelled on August 7th and now on Sept 14th, I will lose level 2. Unreal and a massive disappointment. I tell a lot of people about Fiverr so they can begin using it as freelancers but this is by far the biggest issue I have with the platform.

It is always frustrating but consider completion rate as not the most important. Your 5 star rating has much higher value.

There are a lot of sellers dealing with same disappointments, with fluctuating their levels up and down. Again and again. It is quite usual and I believe almost everybody here struggled at least once with some sort of motivation loss. Or will …

However, as for the completion rate, you may want to consider and think about what was wrong with your Gig that lead to cancellation. Was it description? Was it not enough clarity? Why Buyer did not understand? You surely find something…

Even if your level drops this round, the next round you can be back.

Good luck.


Sorry to hear this! Don’t sweat it though. My first couple years I frequently fluctuated between level 1 and level 2. I never noticed a decrease in sales.

In the future, it may be worth contacting CS to ask them to cancel on your behalf when someone mistakenly places an order. Your completion rate won’t be docked this way. The only downfall is that there is currently an absurd wait time for ticket responses because of the huge influx of new sellers.


Yes Fiverr should revise the policy of order cancellation, like those should not be count which are cancelled by buyer’s mistake as nothing goes wrong with buyer but sellers have to suffer. I have faced same many times


Welcome to Fiverr’s great game of snakes and ladders.

The solution to this is to find some way of stabilising the order completion rate - for example, offer something that can be done on a monthly basis (get specific permission to reach out monthly and take a screenshot!); offer something small that can be added once the order is completed, on an “oh, by the way, I noticed [whatever] and thought you might find [whatever] useful” - don’t push, just mention …

Stabilising your profile with small, customised offers is essential to ensure that one cancellation doesn’t have a devastating effect …