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Order completion rate is 50% , help needed

I need help about order percentage that is showing 50% , kindly tell mme what to do , I can see any buyer request due to this .


This is because 3 days ago, you failed to deliver your order, so you got an automatic 1-Star. More worrying is that this is your only review.

If I’m honest, you’re going to struggle to come back from this. If I were you, I would fully deactivate the account and create a new one once this one is fully deactivated. If you decide to do this, you need to ensure that next time you fulfil your customer orders, as a 1-Star review so early in your freelancing career will ruin your chances of being successful here.


This case was forrwaded to Fiverr Customer Help center, I have requested them to solve this issue. I have the proofs for that dear. I think I am on the right point thats why I never wish to remake a new account. May be it is under consideration.

What proofs do you have? That you didn’t deliver order in time?
Is that you who created topic where you sent your files though messages and not “deliver” button?

I hope fiverr will help you but I highly doubt that because you didn’t use fiverr as you were supposed to.

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It was my bad that I have delievered on messages page, although I am new on fiverr platform, your suggestions will make me encourage to overcome my mistakes, Thanks