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Order completion rate is decreasing automatically...What's wrong?

Hello everyone,

I was very happy in my starting 2 months, i was getting orders and every client was rating me 5 stars. But now my bad days have begin on fiverr. I don’t know why this is happening with me.

3 days back i get demoted to no level. Few days back 2 clients canceled their order and my order completion rate drop down to 92%. Then after some days it drop to 91%. Although i just got 1 order in previous week which i completed on time and today i saw that its shows 90% order completion rate. I am not getting any order these days then why it is getting down? I have to maintain 90% order rate for level one. Its going down automatically.

Could some one please explain me why this is happening?


It goes down if there is now a lower percentage of completed orders in the last 60 days than there was previously.

With each new day some orders might be moving out of the 60 day window.


Thank you for explanation. These fiverr rules are too strict for newbie :frowning:

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maybe you cancelled any order

The client cancel one of the order and one order was cancelled by me, because the client didn’t know from where to do this.

now you should make your order completion 100% to make complete you next 2 orders

Yes, i am trying hard to get order these days. But still with no luck.

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try buyer requests and find categories where is not much computation then you can get 100% as soon as possible

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Yes i am trying hard. Because today it get down to 89% :frowning: Thank you

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Fiverr gets an average of 60 days.

I once dropped from a level 2 seller to new seller, because one client canceled an order, then there was a message in spam that I never read.

The ratings kept going down. Then suddenly, you are 100% all green.

Secret? You need more orders to level out the cancelled orders, or better ratings for bad ratings, or responses for bad responses.

If you cant get the numbers, you will have to wait patiently for the 60 days after the cancelled orders were made to start climbing the seller levels again.


Thank you for explaining this system. I am trying to get some orders for this. Well, from level two to new seller that must be much more heart breaking.

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Yap, but only for a moment. For once I understood why many sellers complain about the Fiverr rating system.

The system is some how cruel for the seller :slight_smile: As now i got 2 3 orders and order completions is changing between 90% and 89% on daily basis.

Every platform have its rules which we must follow to work through proper system.