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Order Completion Rate Is Decreasing Day by Day

Hello Everyone.
I have an question to the experts. So far, I have completed 28 orders from my different gigs, and I had cancelled 2 orders due to some reason. But My question is, After Cancelling my order, my total order completion rate first decrease by 7%. After that as time goes on, it is still decreasing the rate by 1% in few days. When I cancelled my second order, my completion rate was 87/100, But now it is 82/100.

I don’t know the reason behind it. If anyone knows, Please share your knowledge…

Helal Ahmed.


Remember the order completion rate shown is for the past 60 days not from day 1 of fiverr journey of yours

Yes, it’s for last 60 days - so, for example, you completed 1 order or day 3, 2nd order on day 15 and you canceled 1 order on day 35. On day 34 your completion rate will be 100$, then on 36th day it will be 66%, on day 64: 50% and on day 76: 0%. :wink:


Thank you for your replay, but I already know that thing. I just want to know why this rate is decreasing automatically?

Now this make sense to me. Thanks for your feedback.

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