Order Completion rate is not increasing


I’m completing the orders and getting reviews but still, my order completion rate is 88% and not increasing. When I got a cancellation, it drops immediacy. But when I got reviews it’s still 88% :frowning:

Anyone, please explain.

Thank you so much,


order completion rate depends on number of orders you completed if cancellation happens it drops if you completed 100 order and 1 cancelled then it will be 99%
to increase it you will need to complete more order to increase it
it does not depend on your reviews it depends of number of oders you deliver
when a new order will marked as completed it will eventually increase :slight_smile:
hope this helps :slight_smile:


3 hours ago, my 2 orders are marked as completed but the completion rate is still 88% :frowning:


dont worry wait it will update within 24 hrs


Order completion rate depends on when and how many order you cancel in certain period of time
For example.
if you cancel one order today it effects will be remain on your cancellation rate for next 2 months ,after 2 months this project effects on your cancellation rate will be over,
when cancelled order time(60days) will be over then you will see your cancellation rate will immediately increase.