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Order completion rate is stucked

My order completion rate suddenly drooped to 85 from100 after cancellation of 2 orders from my side but after that i have completed 3-4 orders but my order completion rate is still 85.
How can i improve my order completion rate ??


You may find this article useful

Consider that order completion is measured for activity during the last 60-days.

You would need to avoid order cancellations to improve this metrics.

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it decrease to 80 now without any reason even recently i have completed 4 orders

But there IS a reason. Fiverr takes orders you have completed over the last 60 days - so, cancelling 2 orders can really make your average tank - I had to cancel ONE order last week and it took me from 100% to 98%. It then went down to 97% because it is likely some of my completed orders over the last 2 months fell off, and so this cancellation harms me more than what would seem rational. So, the reason why yours went to 80% is because completed orders over the last 2 months are falling off - do everything you can to avoid cancellations as they prevent you from moving forward in the levels.

I wish I had handled my last cancellation (first in months) differently, as it was a repeat buyer who I could have figured out something for, but, I was trying to be “nice” and not have them spend money on something I already answered for them.


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I am already suffering from Fiverr action as my gig is out of top ranking from last 3 month from1st position to last position of my niche