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Order Completion Rate isn't going Up


I had 77% my Order Completion Rate & 79% On Time Delivery
I have been finished over 15 Orders this month but Order Completion still sitting at 83% & On time delivery goes up to 96% :frowning:

This month no order cancelled
Last month 2 Orders Cancelled

What is this ? Is there someone help me out this ?


This may be helpful to you:


Thanks for sharing article but according to writer it should still be more than 90+ because I have been successfully completed 22+ orders in the last 60 days and cancelled 3 orders


Here is a more detailed post on the subject: Losing & Regaining Points - Order Completion Rate (OCR)

Will leave this with you.


Thanks again! This article is valuable but still looking for solution :kissing_closed_eyes:


Just check how many orders you have completed and cancelled by last 60 days. And calculate the percentage.


Okay. Let me check


26 Orders Completed (Last 60 Days)
3 Orders Cancelled (Last 60 Days)


if 26 completed and 3 cancelled by last 60 days
3/26x100 = 11.5% is your cancellation percentage.
100-11.5 = 88.5% is your order completed rate.