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Order completion Rate Low

Hello! I need to know one thing about order completion.

Actually, today is my 60 days on fiverr and I am getting order also but my order completion rate is 87% and fiverr analytics shows that complete 90% of your orders, over the course of 60 days.

Actually I have mutual cancellation on 2 orders last week that’s why my order completion rate is low. but, today i just received 3 new orders and i completed and deliver also.

Does anyone know about this? Will this affect my account?

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@franzediting not really but if it stays below 90%then you lose your level

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Hi @franzediting,

Take a look to this thread. It will help you.
Losing & Regaining Points - Order Completion Rate (OCR)


@aishi168 thank you for your info…

@maitasun okay sure i will look it. Thank you so much.

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You’re welcome, @franzediting.