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Order Completion Rate magically dropping


Hey guys!

I have a question regarding Order Completion Rate. I was at 94% after this month’s evaluation. Today I’ve noticed that it dropped to 92%. I didn’t have any cancellations after evaluation happened. In fact, I’m currently on vacation mode (out of office) till January 4th. I completed 2 more orders after December 15th, but that’s about it.

Does being out of office and not working also influence this decrease? I’m really confused here.


Check for any order(s) cancelled after Oct 20, 2018.


It has nothing to do with being “Out of Office/ Not Working”. The stats are a reflection of your work for the past 60 days from current date and time. Today is Dec 21. So stats are for the period between Oct 22 - Dec 21.

Good Luck!!


Ah ok, thank you. For some reason, I thought that whatever number I end up at the day of evaluation, that’s the number I stay at. I did have two cancellations before November’s evaluation, that’s why I took more orders than I normally do in order to balance it out. Stat’s dropping 6 days after evaluation confused me.

Thanks for letting me know!