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Order Completion Rate Mysteriously Drops in 24hrs!

It’s a Fiverr mystery…last week my Order Completion percentage was 92%. Within 24hrs. it dropped to 90%. Then I received a couple of orders and completed them way ahead of the due date with no revisions. This morning my Order Completion is 89%???
I don’t know what I’ve done to piss off the Fiverr gods…but I feel like I’ve been punished for completing orders on time…must be part of the new, wonderful, flawless Fiverr “system”.
Thanks for letting me rant!!!


I want to know about this too, my order completion went from 98% to 94% but I think it’s due to the amount of orders you get?
I had a slower month so maybe my 2 cancelations did a lot more damage than if I would have had a busier month?
It feels like this whole month has been one long Monday.
Sending luck your way! :four_leaf_clover:

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OK for once and for all :slight_smile:
look at my ahem beautifull ‘illustration’.
The blue ‘1’ on the right is today. We count back to the left to days which have passed.
For the example, we assume we delivered 1 order each green day. And on the 2 red days, we have the unfortunate event of a canceled order.
Today, there are 2 canceled orders and 15 completed orders. This gives a 15/17=88%
If today is 2 days ago (on the day ‘3’), the situation is different.
We have 17 completed orders and 2 canceled orders. 17/19=89%.
7 days in the past, we have 19 completed orders and 2 canceled orders: 19/21=90%

without any new completed orders, just by letting the time pass, the order completion rate changes.
This is most probably what happened with you.

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Thanks for the illustration. So, the 1 cancellation I received back on Feb. 1st is still working against me? I’m a “small fish” on Fiverr with only 7 sales since that cancellation. But the one thing I’ve always liked about Fiverr is it’s a place to offer my voice over skills. I get some very interesting work and have fun too! Now I feel like Fiverr is pushing the “little fish” out with this new system of theirs. My level bounces around from month to month. I wonder what buyers must think? I get a lot of repeat business and I’m not trying to make a living on Fiverr. As a retired person…Fiverr has always been a fun place. I’m tired of constantly checking my stats and being fearful of losing my level status. I miss the days Fiverr welcomed all types of sellers…little fish and big fish. Oh well, it was fun while it lasted.


You’re welcome. Yes, a cancelation from Feb will still work against you now, since the stats reflect your performance over the past 60 days.

That’s just the fact, it doesn’t mean that I agree with it :slight_smile:

You’re right that this system is quite unforgiving for the small fish, since any cancelation/late delivery is spread out over much fewer deliveries.

Having said that, if you deliver 9 orders, you are allowed to have 1 cancellation on top of that in 2 months time. Not sure if that’s achievable or not…


The cancellation rate is the average of the last 60 days. Not the lifetime performance.

simple like this.

You are awesome!!! Haha Thankyou for taking the time to explain it. You are the MVP for the day! :joy: :green_heart:

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It can be due to any cancellation order or down ratings, or late replay. Try to response swiftly to get full ratings.

I thought this is what was going on, but did not know how to explain it. Bravo to you and your illustration for making it all clear!

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What happens after the 60 days? Will the completion rate get better afterwards?

It’s about after 60 days (like after every 60 days it updates).

it’s the last 60 days. The performance you have in these last 60 days.


This makes sense to me 100%. Thank you for this excellent elaboration.