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Order completion rate not 100% although i have no order cancellation within 60 days

Within last 60 days i have no cancellation orders.
but sill my order completion rate is 92% . How its supposed to be ?

It should be done
Only by completing the orders
92% order Complete review
It’s good

Hi thank you for the reply.
i am very happy with that. But today i have to cancel a 5$ order . (which is the only one during last 60 days) . So now my order completion rate is 86%.
i tried to calculate this rate by considering revenue or number of orders . But still it should be greater than 90%

order completion rate is 86%
Completion of orders,
Order completion,rate can be increased
There are no other solutions,

If you went form 92% to 86% with jus one cancellation, it seems to me you’re not getting enough orders.

When I get a cancellation, sometimes my completion rate stays the same, sometimes it drops 1%.

In another metric, it took a lot of positive reviews to raise my rating from 4.7 to 4.9. At one point I was at 4.8, got a 4 star review, then it dropped to 4.7.