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Order completion rate not increasing for automatically completed orders?

Order completion rate not increasing for automatically completed orders ?
recently i’ve notice that my order rate is not increasing for automatically marked completed orders
if buyer had his work and satisfied and goes offline then without review it can notincreases
order completion rate should depend on number of orders completed not number of reviews
thoughts ?


Yes it depends on number of order you have completed not reviews, just wait and this issue will be fixed automatically if not then contact customer support.


During the 60 day period as you complete more orders, old orders are no longer in the 60 day period.

So instead of your completion rate improving it stays the same or if you have more old orders going out of the 60 days period each day than you have new orders coming in, your completion rate either stays the same of gets worse.

So the less orders you have in that 60 day period the worse your order completion rate will be.


Hope so :+1: :disappointed_relieved:

ohh so detailed and correct answer i agree with you so i will need more orders to improve it

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