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Order completion rate not updating

In last 30 days i have completed 12 orders without any cancellation and overall completed 31 with 2 order cancelled. But my order completion rate is 94. Can any one guide me

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The completion rate is based on the last 60 days. You could find out how many you completed & cancelled in the last 60 days if you want to check it.

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Completed 16 cancelled 0

So if you are quite sure your completion rate is incorrect you could contact CS at the helpdesk and they should be able to fix it if it’s wrong.

But overall completed 31 cancelled 2

It’s only the last 60 days that the completion rate figure is supposed to take into account, not all time.

Also it will be the completion/cancellation dates it takes into account rather than the order creation date (just in case you were checking by order creation date).

But create a support ticket if you think it’s wrong.