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Order completion rate percentage


I’ve had a 100% order completion rate about 2 months ago and my work has been going good back then, got daily inquires from clients, clicks and views were on point and everything was fine going.

However, it all turned around when I had to cancel out an order with a client, that we both have been draggin for over a month, it simply couldn’t work, we couldn’t establish a good communication channel between us so we cancelled it out. So my order completion rate dropped to 86%, which I somehow managed to increase to 90% to get a level one seller status.

Ever since then, my statistics have dropped DRASTICALLY, what’s even worse, my order completion rate is now automatically dropping since it’s coming close to the date when the cancellation occured.

My question is, when the cancellation date has passed, and it will pass on April 16th, so my order completion rate will jump back up to 100%, should my views and clicks increase as well? Can anyone share some similiar experiences or tips regarding this?


Should my search rank increase that is, as it is highly influenced from the analytics page as I gathered.