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Order completion rate problem

On July 27 Th and august 5 Th i cancelled two orders completion rate was 100% which came down to 88% after that i completed 9 orders but my completion rate is still 88% i have contacted the help center 3 times but they say everything is okay.

you can check the date on the images

i colored the names of my client for privacy

My rough calcs:

Today 04/09/2019
60 days ago = 06/07/2019 July

Orders completed on or after 6th July 2019:

=15 orders completed within 60 days (I just checked delivery date but since completion date should be up to 3 days after the figure of 15 completed should be the same).

Cancelled on or after 6th July 2019
=2 orders

Total (completed+cancelled within the last 60 days)=17 orders

2 is 11.76% of 17
cancelled 11.76% of orders in last 60 days

Completion Rate=88.24% or to the nearest whole number 88%.

So it looks like the current figure is right if showing rounded to a whole percentage.


ok…i understood now thanks for your time

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