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Order completion rate reduced not happy

if buyer not responding and I raised dispute to cancel order then why order completion rate reduce without any fault?

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Hm… Well, could you explain a bit more on HOW the buyer didn’t respond and what you asked them?

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Did they accept the cancellation? All cancellations affect our completion rate, even if it wasn’t our fault. The only exception I’ve encountered so far, is when a buyer places an order by mistake.

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buyer didn’t submit enough requirements so extend the delivery time and talk with him to please full fill the requirements to start work on order. he responded last and said me i don’t have much information so I tell him that i can’t start work on it if i didn’t get enough requirements so he tell me that i will try but order goes late due to timer countdown its too much late and buyer didn’t respond so after that I open dispute to cancel order and still he didn’t respond to dispute request and fiverr automatically cancel the order. so today suddenly i seen that order completion rate goes down by 4% and decrease to 86%. this is important thing for next evolution. I’m not in the picture to do any kind of mistakes but its still happened so as per my opinion system have to solve that kind of issues

they didn’t accept cancellation request but due to not respond fiverr automatically cancel the order after 72 hours there is problem with system its not solution

Hm… Considering this, did you ask for everything in the requirements section you needed? If you did, you may contact CS for further help, but if you didn’t nothing can be changed.

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Its all sort of a fair process. Whatever the reason might be, ratings will decrease if you or your buyer cancel the order.

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but as you think its right solution by system or need change in system

nope i didn’t do anything due to not get enough requirements so i directly message to buyer about the thing

Everything has its pros and cons, and I don’t think that such a change would do any good as a number of sellers could take advantage of this feature, causing a great fuss on Fiverr.

Besides, no one wants to wreck their business, so precisely the system does not need to bring in such changes.

I guess you can contact CS if you feel that the customer didn’t give the requirements.

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ok thank you for your advice