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Order Completion rate Suddenly Going Down

My last cancellation was around Sept 24, I have done more than 20 jobs after that, even received many 5 stars as much as I could. My order completion rate started dropping from 88% to 84% without doing nothing, Contacted Fiverr support, they couldn’t do anything, WHat’s the problem, I ham trying to attain the Level 1 status but it seems impossible…
Any advice from the house?

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Hi @joshadservice,

Order Completion is calculated on a 60-day period time.

Please take a look to this thread, you’ll find your answer there.


Meaning I won’t attain a level 1 this month again, Wow

A side note, in my 404 orders in the last 2 years I have only 4 cancelled orders (2 because I was really sick, 1 because fiverr banned my client by mistake and closed all his orders, and one because a client did not need the project done after all. Try to eliminate that at the source, locate the reason for the cancelations, I will be happy to try and assist if you need some help. :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry @joshadservice, I really am. Hope next month you can get there. Don’t lose hope.