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Order Completion rate why impact the seller level badge?

Order Completion rate why impact my level badge? When buyer requirement is not match with the gig condition such as when we select the following issue:-

  1. The buyer requested additional work, which wasn’t in the scope of the original order.
  2. I didn’t receive enough information from the buyer.
  3. We couldn’t agree on the price.
  4. The buyer will order again.
    5)The buyer is not responding.

But why? Why we will get punishment for this issue? What is seller fault for this punishment. This is obviously fiverr system fault.

This system is proved fiverr is selfish platform they are not thing about seller. At present huge buyer on fiverr because we provide good service but why these type injustice with the seller.

So, I strongly advice you for start a option order accept and decline after buyer placed an order. If the seller agree with the buyer requirements then seller accept the order and otherwise seller get option decline/refuse the order. Also I thing by this options many problem will be solve and benefited both buyer, seller and fiverr management.


The system is constructed in that way that Fiverr charges money upfront. So the kind of accept button won’t help much because Fiverr would need to refund money to the buyer and that kind operation is not free. Therefore they would never agree on that.

The only solution is to put wherewer you can some kind of warning or information for a buyer to contact you before he/she will place the order. And then pray the buyer will read it.

  1. If this happens send them an extra and charge them what is needed. This is not a reason to cancel an order since they received what they initially wanted.
  2. Valid reason but you should try and extend the delivery time until you get the info needed.
  3. The price shouldn’t be negotiable once an order is placed. It is up to you to make sure your prices are set accurately.
  4. This is nonsense, if they placed an order then clearly they have money in their account and wanted your services. Extend the delivery time if they need to get more things in order before proceeding.
  5. Either work with what you have or try and extend the delivery time to sort things out.

I never had to extend my delivery time but i am sure it is possible to do so.

There used to be a cancellation option which read something like: "The buyer requested work which is not provided as part of this gig."

This option was removed at around the same time St Levels arrived on the scene. This now makes it impossible for sellers to look like they are doing anything but refusing to work with buyers.

This is easier said than done. i.e. I do not offer any form of graphic design or web design. This year, I have had orders placed for both such services. Many writers also get buyers who order 300-words of content (as clearly advertised in gig descriptions) but then ask for 500, 1,000, or more in their order details. These buyers will then often ask to cancel an order rather than pay extra.

The simple truth is that there needs to be an extra option (or a relaunch of the old option) which allowed sellers to cancel orders which simply shouldn’t have been placed in the first place. - Without sellers suffering any kind of penalty as a result.


I would give them the 300 and take a hit on the review. I offer a ghostwriting service, if they order my 16 bar gig and ask for 20, they are only getting 16 if they aren’t interested in paying more.

I see your point though, makes sense to protect us from carelessness.

I’ve tried doing this. Usually, you end up taking the hit in a review and the buyer gets a refund from CS or files a chargeback on an order. i.e. No matter what you do, you lose and sometimes you lose twice.

I did enact a policy at the start of the year of not agreeing to cancel any order. I even placed disclaimers in bold at the top of gig descriptions stating that buyers need to read gig descriptions and FAQ sections in full prior to ordering, as I do not issue refunds. Around about July, I just gave up trying.

Now it’s far easier just to cancel orders rather than go through several stages of drawn out misery which ultimately ends up serving no practical purpose.