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Order Completion rate


what is going on with my account 2 days ago my order completion rate was 81 yesterday it was 80 and now it is 79 even during this period i have not receive any order or deliver any order or reject any order just i have 4 orders in my hand since last week and i am busy to performing them can anyone please explain me why i am facing this issue? is there also anyone who’s facing this issue?


Mine goes up and down for no reason too.


mine goona down always how we can stop it?


I don’t know. Probably there is no answer but you could ask customer support.


i ask to them they reply me this i dont understand what does mean by that i have poor english can you please explain me ?
Thank you for getting in touch with us. The Order Completion Rate you are currently seeing is the correct rate from the last 60 days. The rate includes all cancellations, including mutual cancellations.

The rate represents the percentage of successfully completed orders for the past 60 days.

Which means that a successfully completed order 61 days back from today no longer counts toward the completion rate, and it has decreased.

The rate will vary as time goes on.
Please keep in mind that these stats are for your internal use only, and no one else sees these percentages. They’re to help you track your account progress on orders.

can you please explain me?


You basically need to increase your sales volume or your order completion rate will continue to decline. Sorry, it’s a bit catch 22.


@cyaxrex i have 4 orders in hand they cost over 5000$ i develop mobile apps i cannot make mobile apps in 1 or 2 or 3 days it takes time over a month so how can i be quick ?


You probably can’t do anything but try on a pair of these and see how things work out.


They’re super popular at the moment.


i dont understand sorry?


It’s a bad joke. Basically, the value of your orders doesn’t matter. I might be wrong but from experience, you need more orders to balance out the amount of cancellations you have.


I haven’t noticed such fluctuations, maybe because I don’t monitor it daily.


No, just stop cancelling orders. The fluctuations happen as completed and cancelled orders age off, but every completed order without a cancellation eventually causes the completion rate to rise. No increase in sales is needed; just a decrease in cancellations.


Just stopping canceling orders may prove difficult though, depending on category, gig, kind of buyers it attracts, order process bugs…
I´d recommend going through everything in your gigs to make them as proof against ‘I ordered mistakenly’ etc. cancellation reasons as possible, like if often people cancel because they ask you to do C because they didn´t realise that your gig only offers A and B but not C, do write it in your gig in CAPS and fat print that YOU DON’T DO C, etc. - basically, look at your cancellation reasons to see what they are and try to counteract cancellations before they happen as much as possible.

If your cancellation reasons are mostly of the ‘buyer ordered 3 x instead of 1 x the same gig’ because Fiverr didn´t tell them their order got through and subsequently cancelled 2 of their orders for them kind, you´re out of luck, and in that case I´d get and keep in touch with CS and insist that this can´t be the way, especially not with how order completion rate now will effect the seller level if they stick with their current setup.


Respected Seniors:
I have a question. I am gonna start to offer a paid course on fiverr. what if someone gives an order and after getting the complete course he refuses to buy or cancel the order?
If my course worth for 200$ then I lost that at all due to cancellation the order or is there another way to bypass this situation?
Kindly guide me.


He would need to buy it before he gets it.

You cannot stop them from TRYING to cancel after they get it but you don’t have to agree to let them cancel.


I started a course (that a lot of people had asked me to put together) and it sells 4 or 5 times a week (for $5), and it has only had 1 cancellation, ever. It was a guy who ordered twice by mistake. Overall, it’s been a blessing to my cancellation rate, though obviously it doesn’t make a lot of money.