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Order Completion Rates = Unnecessary Deliveries

3 days ago, I had a buyer place an order (after lots of messages) and the only thing he wrote was “I will brief you later.”

He never did, he ignored all my messages. In the past I would have refunded that order, but now I can’t afford to do that because my completion rate needs to be at least 90%.

So what did I do? I did the order based on what little information I had. This goes against everything I believe in, but what choice do I have?

So how exactly are the new standards helping buyers? It’s true that he was irresponsible in placing an order without providing enough information. I have never ordered a logo and then reply, “I will brief you later.”

But now thanks to the new standards, I’m forced to deliver work. This might result in a negative review, a revision request, and it certainly doesn’t benefit the buyer or Fiverr.

The new system was created to make sellers work harder, but where is the benefit in delivering work when the seller hasn’t been properly instructed?

And what about those who work in IT? What are they to do when the buyer orders a wordpress fix and the buyer doesn’t provide a login name, password, etc? Are they to deliver nothing because they must protect their order completion rate?


I agree with you. Now we have a challenge to figure out how to work so that we don’t need input from the buyers. It might involve:

  1. increasing prices: buyers who pay more are more likely to stay involved and answer questions

  2. arrange our gigs so that no input is needed for us to deliver orders in agreement with the gig description

  3. Including in the questions part of the gig description something saying that we will deliver what we choose to if there are no instructions or answers to questions from buyers

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This buyer wanted 30 headlines, I told him to order my cheapest package, he ordered my most expensive package for $30 (15 headlines).

So don’t assume that buyers who pay more give you better instructions.

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It seems there is a spot on the last page of the gig creation where the seller fills in the requirements they need for the gig to begin. I seem to remember a box that can be checked that says something about the gig cannot start until all of those requirements are met.

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I have that section, this is what he wrote:

What industry does this order relate to? (Added by Fiverr)

Marketing & Wholesale

  1. Give me a link to your product or service and an explanation of what you want to sell.

Will brief later

Did you check the box that says “answer is mandatory”?

Wow that’s a tough one! This guy must be an idiot.


Yea., I experienced this :stuck_out_tongue:

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It sounds like he is putting you on the spot to do anything you want and then can ask for a revision. There is a solution to all this nonsense but you won’t like it.

That’s a frustrating situation, and now it’s starting to matter.

Getting rid of the 90% standard wouldn’t solve anything. Fiverr has to do something to lower cancellations, as part of improving the buyer experience. One study showed that most first-time buyers on Fiverr do not order again. This isn’t good for anyone.

I am in a category that I think lends itself to high cancellations, for a number of reasons. I will never be at 100%. But I’m pretty sure I can get to 92-94% by simply being less picky about who I am willing to work for. Buyers like the one you just had to deal with probably aren’t going to be enough to drop you to 89% either.

What is the solution? Before Fiverr’s new rules, the solution was to refund. Now, I can’t. I’m happy to report that my order completion rate has climbed to 89%, but until I’m at 91%, no more refunds.

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This is annoying when buyers were not serious about the order and it cost negative to sellers profile…the Buyer may come up later with the requirements and ask to to do it…But you did right because you don’t deserve negative rating based on this…sometimes we have to be selfish…2af614d

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Interesting formula, as a fan of Ayn Rand I agree with “Be Selfish.”

Avoid pain? Most success comes from pain, growing pains, learning pains, some kind of pain.

Seek pleasure? True, being a workaholic can be bad for you. Sometimes it’s good to find time to smell the roses. Seeking too much pleasure, all the time, can be destructive.


I deliver what is possible with the information provided by the buyer and usually ask them to get back to me should they require any further assistance. This can have three outcomes:

  • Buyer accepts the delivery as is.
  • The buyer asks for a revision and hopefully provides additional information/feedback.
  • Buyer leaves a bad review.

I don’t encounter this regularly and when I do they usually ask for either a revision or accept the delivery :slight_smile:


fiverr really check the cancellation reason so i think nothing to worry about i have about 14 orders canceled in past 60 days & 4 to 5 in them were something same
someone order by mistake & even submit requirements, this order was about $50
some says they need a very premium logo in $5 that is not possible
some order $5 and ask for a full illustrated design etc

so try to deliver the order according to his last updated & then wait for this modification request, :slight_smile:


This is the issue I struggle with the most.
Even though my gig says to contact me first, and even though I ask ‘hell of requirements’, buyers often just enter dummy data there and not contact me first. So I would rather cancel order than have a negative review. But obviously “Fiverr” doesn’t like that, I feel exploited as a seller.
I had 2 orders in last 2 days which said 5 minutes after ordering “I fixed this, please cancel the order”. And of course, I cancel. I do not mind, but Fiverr does, so what should I do in these situations?