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Order Completion Rating Auto Down

Then I did my order incomplete and cancel that time my Order Completion rating 87%. now everyday itself down without cancel a order. today I done a more order and get reviews but atfer its more down its now Order Completion 60%. how i control this. please ned guideline and tips.


Never cancel or accept cancellation. Always go to the Resolution Center for assistance.

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yes I open resolution … but its client technical issue in his website… But i want control this … I affair in next 10days my order completion more down in 20% or 0%. But i had workhard on this profile . I dont want lost my 5star ranking with 8 complete order…
My Question how i solve this issue or Problem…

Just continue to work with the client and document everything. Make sure you offer the best you can, compromise if needed, offer solutions even if they are rejected. If the Resolution Center is needed to assist in the problem, they will see your efforts in resolving the issue. Can’t hurt.


dude it is simple math of last 60 days…

If After 60 days its auto 100% Order Completion with Green Line … Its great for me bcuz after 20 days its complete… 60 days

Did you get the solution?? Is it auto 100% after 60 days?? I am facing the same problem , once i cancel a 21th order, its completion rate getting down, now 67% :frowning_face: