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Order Completion Rating

Why my Order Completion rating getting low automatic. I don’t know why? Current rating is 87%. How can I Improve this. Please guide me. Thanks


This happened to me today also. Weeks ago, I had a mutual cancellation by a client who ordered a package by mistake. I then rearranged their order to reflect the correct parameters. Completed my work, delivered the order, and then the client marked the order as complete. They left a positive review also. After that, I went on to complete two more orders for different clients. I delivered on time, and both left positive ratings. Yet today, my order completion rate dropped to 88% mysteriously, and out of nowhere for some reason. The last order I finished was a custom synopsis on the 24th of June. Order was finalized on time, great rating left by the client and everything. Yet my OC rate is now below 90%? :roll_eyes:

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Its getting low too fast if the buyers take revision. What the Fiverr #team