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Order Completion stills decreasing


Hello Fiverr! 5 days ago one buyer cancelled her order because she decided to close her website. So my Order completion went from 100% to 75%. But now, 5 days later, my order completion is 67%. Does anyone know why is this happening?


How to get back after cancellation
How to get back after cancellation

It’s an average calculation. If you are not completing any order within few days then it will decrease more. So you should complete more order to increase the ratio of the order completion.


Unfortunately i didnt had any orders the last 5 days. And what if i dont get any new order for more days?


It will decrease more If you don’t get order for more few days. Because it’s an average calculation and showing the result based on last 60 days.


Oh ok i got it. So i hope to get more orders because i am afraid that this cancellation really affected my profile bad.