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Order Completion Unfair!

Hopefully, someone from Fiverr can answer this question for me and help me resolve this problem.

I had a client order my gig for the incorrect amount. He was $10 short. After discussing with the client, he wanted a new order, for even more money. We ended up mutually canceling the original order and I sent him a new custom order.

Just after sending the client a new custom order, my order completion plummeted from 100% to 83%!

Can someone at Fiverr please explain this!! Not only is it totally UNFAIR, I know I will lose potential clients due to this new corder completion rate.

I hope someone at Fiverr can fix this problem for me.


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You could check this thread:

Maybe you had 5 completed+0 cancelled orders in the last 60 days.
Then you cancelled 1 order so you had 5 completed+1 cancelled orders=6 total in the last 60 days.

By cancelling one, it would have made completion rate go down from 100% to 83.3333%
as 1 is 16.666% of 6.


That’s what happens when an order is cancelled. Fiverr doesn’t know that it was because the customer underpaid. If this happens again, you can add an extension to the already existing order for another 10 dollars. Or, you have them make another order for just 10 dollars. As long as you complete all orders in the future, it will be back at 100% soon.


This doesn’t help you anymore now but next time, don’t cancel and send a new order, just use the Resolution Center to send an extra to the existing underpaid order (edit: as Jack already said while I was looking for the link). You can also add days to the delivery time then too, if you’d have trouble with the original order delivery time because a client ordered incorrectly.


All cancellations on Fiverr are held against you no matter the reason. Sucks

If he’s $10 short, just open a resolution to add the $10. You don’t need to cancel the order. The fact that you thought that was the course to take indicates that you need to get to know the system better and you need to solve problems with clients better.

As @jackknite says, Fiverr doesn’t have the context of the cancellation and they can’t manually take testimony from every cancellation to determine that.

So it’s vital to understand what to do in certain order situations. If it’s as dire as you make it out to be, you have that much more incentive to get to know the system better and have a better plan for dealing with order issues.