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Order completion - unresponsive client

Hello. I am interested to know, what happens when client does not except order, and sort of “disappear” after delivery? Has anyone had similar experience? What happens to payment, and does it affect my ranking in any way?


Hello Ursa_deban. Welcome to Fiverr community.

Regarding your query, if you have made the order delivery and the buyer doesn’t respond - do not worry. Your order will marked as complete automatically after 3 days of delivery. It won’t affect your ranking or completion rate. Your payment will be reflecting on your balance as usual after 14 days.
Hope this helps.


In addition to what @saju85 said, I’d advise you not to chase your buyer asking for a review or if everything is ok with the delivery :slightly_smiling_face:
I’m saying this because I has a similar experience with a buyer. It was the first time a buyer “disappeared” after the delivery. Days passed and he didn’t accept the delivery, so after 3 days it was automatically marked as completed. He didn’t leave a review. Here is the moment when I make a huge mistake: I contacted him to know if everything was okay and if he needed more.
When I told about this experience in this Forum, people correctly said that I was pushing my buyer and I was unprofessional.

So, don’t worry about your stats. The order will be marked as completed after 3 days, the buyer could or not if he/she doesn’t want to, leave a review. The important thing is that you have your money!


Thank you, your answer was very helpful.

Thanks, I will definitionally follow your advice :slight_smile:

If the order “disappears” after the delivery, the order will be auto marked as completed after 3 days! This won’t affect any of your stats!

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