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Order comppletion rate


I need some help regarding order completion rate which dropped from 100% to 75% due to single order which I cancelled due to non serious behavior of buyer.
How can I recover that rate?


That’s quite the drop, I assume you didn’t have that many orders in the past 60 days?
You can improve your completion rate by, well, completing orders successfully without cancellation.


Please c omplete few orders with feedback. then it will increase automatically


Is feedback compulsory?


Feedback is not compulsory… Just complete orders as much and soon as you can then it will increase…
Best of luck!


Thank you so much Bro,


no feedback is not compulsory.


I completed almost 30+ orders this month alone.


Complete more orders.


This tells me that in the past 60 days, you’ve had 4 orders with 1 cancellation. In order for you to get to 90%, you will need 6 more orders without cancellations.

Current 4 orders + 6 more orders = 10 orders
(You already had 1 cancellation)

9 completed orders/10 total orders = 90%