"Order Confirmation" BEFORE The Order


I accidentally ordered something (mouse slipped and the computer froze -sigh-) and had money taken from my Fiverr revenue. I really wasn’t trying to be a troll or scam anyone! I asked for a Mutual Cancellation, but fear that it will effect the seller’s ratings. I would have just gone along with the gig, but unfortunately the gig does not pertain to me what so ever.

That being said…

I think that Fiverr should implementing a “Order Confirmation” page before the order is actually ordered (similar to Amazon and what they have right before the checkout).


This would kill sales tremendously not only for sellers but Fiverr itself by adding an additional confirmation. I have did various marketing-related work in the past and the WORST thing to do is have the potential buyer have to click through too many things to actually buy the given service or product. Although it’s unfortunate of accidental mouse-clicks, it may be better that within the order page, you have an option of canceling out within five to ten minutes from the order without it effecting either the buyer or the seller. Perhaps before you submit any actual information in relation to the order for the given seller.


It would be great to have a confirmation message on your orders, especially when you have cleared funds within Fiverr.


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I went through a week with almost 10 of such orders with buyers saying they “accidentally clicked order”. This was frustrating to say the least. I hate having to pester CS for such nonsensical issues.

That said, I do understand that from a BUSINESS perspective, having a prompt would just add another gateway. Give a person a second to back out and they just might and Fiverr then loses money.

Think of going to a brick n’ mortar store, bringing your stuff to the cashier, seeing items placed by the register, examining it while waiting on line and then saying “nahh, I can do without it”.

It’s the same principal. While it would be nice for Fiverr to implement this (and I would be supportive), I wouldn’t be surprised if this was NOT coming down the pipeline.


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I’m with bachas85 on this one.

vedmak said: Tell that to people that are starving. I dont need money at all. But you get ton of people here that claim to be 12 or 14 or 16, and are in third world. In Canada, where I live, it is ILLEGAL to make 12 year old work.

vedmak said: And I disagree with your disagreement, since I actually know what I am talking about. I did my psychology dissertation on sweat shops, concentration camps, and otherwise forcing people into unpaid/low paid work. If Fiverr is only place some of these people can make a living, that makes Fiverr a monopoly and they should take that responsibly.

A liiiiiittle dramatic, vedmak. I really don't think anyone here is being forced with a gun to their head to work on Fiverr. Honestly, if you're starving, but you have internet access, you should probably be doing multiple online gigs instead of putting all your eggs in the Fiverr basket. Also, bachas is right, if you CHOOSE to spend 3-4 hours on $4.00, that's your own decision. You can easily make triple that amount ghost/freelance writing.

Who is 12 years old and being forced to work here? If you want to work and you're 12, by all means, more power to you. But who is 'making' 12 year olds work on Fiverr? Was this on CNN and I missed it?

I don't know who is being 'forced' into this low paid work. I personally make enough money to fund 2 online courses, production of my own Tarot deck, spoil my baby, and any subscriptions I currently have... and I'm a woman- I have a LOT.

Relating to the starving people-- I can only speak on behalf of Americans, but if you're a starving woman, you are entitled to the WIC program. Also, by law, you are allowed to go into any police station and they HAVE to feed you. You can apply for unemployment and get that check in the mail. Those are only a few options! I have never written a dissertation on sweat shops, but I have real life experience. :)


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