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Order Confirmation for Sellers


I’m facing a big problem with some gigs. Buyers don’t read gig description or instructions and order without providing necessary data or without having what is needed to complete the order. Of course, the orders get canceled and cancel ratio grows.

There should be a mechanism for buyers to confirm/accept the order before the countdown starts ticking. If the buyer doesn’t provide the data or doesn’t comply with the scope of the gig the seller should have the possibility to reject or cancel the order. So the seller could check that the buyer has provided what is needed and the request is within the scope of the gig.

It would also be very helpful if sellers could block some buyers to prevent further orders from them. You simply don’t want to deal with problematic buyers anymore. Simply when you encounter a problematic buyer you block him to prevent further orders from him.

This would solve a lot of problems.


Yes , you’re right!

This should be a fiverr feature, and it’ll help a lot of sellers and then very less sellers will get negative feedback.


This feature will get abused by sellers.


I see no possibility for abuse.

Nobody wants to accept a problematic or incomplete order.

Can you please post some possible scenario of abuse?


I’m not sure what the abuse would be either. Perhaps you mean the seller could reject orders even if the buyer provided all they needed to start the gig? I think it should be within any seller’s right to avoid a buyer for any reason if they wanted. The alternative would be to force a seller to do the work. That ain’t happening.

As it stands the system punishes the seller by increasing their cancellation ratio which has several consequences. Even in cases where the seller or no one is at fault.