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Order created without any confirmation

This is happening second time with me. order is created and started from nowhere. I think it is happening client is buying my gig so he directly started the order. But this is very bug issue. how can order is start without my confirmation. Atleast should ask me client is requesting to create new order. i can’t make a entire website in 10$ and in 1 day. clients needs to first message me and discuss the requirements then start order. these directly started order without any confirmation are distroying my profile. i can’t complete these then client made dispute. 10 $ order directly affecting my ratings.

In order to avoid as much as possible that situation, be sure you write a complete gig description, very well presented, and encourage your buyer to contact you before placing the order. Just use some sentences like “please contact me before ordering with all your commission details” or something like that.

I suppose in future Fiverr will let us review the order before accepting it (I hope). But I understand that having a well constructed gig improve buyer’s experience, and cancellation rate encourage us to be as clear as possible, so it works.

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but i am completely against this. Because consider i am already working on a order and this order is on very high priority. in that time buyer creates a new order. he also wants to complete this in time. now i have to cancel the newely created order and it will directly effect the profile.

And the worst thing is there is no ways to directly communicate with fiverr support team. Fiverr is very disappointed when it comes to support. Upwork is muxh better in this case.