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Order Customization - Urgent help need

Hi All,
I need an urgent help (please do not share to read any link), just need a spot answer in one line.

I have delivered an order for $5, its status is DELIVERED and not ‘Completed’.
Now Buyer has a different plan to increase the project value and giving me more responsibility to complete the entire activity within few weeks with $ 40 total value. Buyer want this $ 5 order to be cancelled.
What is the way out, will he get the refund from Fiverr $5 plus whatever additional fees paid ?
Do I need to go to Resolution Center on my order and requesting buyer to cancel the order ?

Will these impact any bodies review later on !!

Please help, this is urgent.


You should tell him to accept the delivery for the work you have done for now and order again once he come back again in future. If he cancel the order and you accept it you will get a 1* and this is very bad for your profile. Also if you go through mutual cancellation from resolution center you will not get 1* but your order completion rate will reduce by few percentage.


I am not sure about the refund policy. He will probably not get the fee $2 but $5


Thanks, looks like either way its not going to help both of us seller and buyer :anguished:
What could be the best solution ??

Don’t cancel - you’ve completed the work, as requested, within the scope of the original order.

Sounds like a scam to me. The buyer is luring you with the promise of more work, in order to get this current order for free. Send him a new order for $35 ($40 minus the $5 he’s already paid). If he accepts, great, he’s genuine. Good luck!


I just did that adding $ 35, I trust this Buyer.


there is a thing called up selling,

Send the buyer an offer of $35 in the same order and increase the time as well.


Ok, so you mean in Resolution Center to customize the order. I did that, but wondering if buyer will get further charge on top of $ 35 plus…

Its Genuine, My order extended to $ 40 :heart_eyes:


You can send an additional offer through the messages on the order - there is a checkbox at the bottom of messages - “offer more extras”. Make sure you put the number of days from when the order was originally due, not from today - to get the correct delivery day, otherwise it will be marked as late.

Or you can just send them a new order for $35 and let this one autocomplete.

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buyer getting charge as fee from Fiverr should not to be dealt by us.
Not in Resolution center. on the order page where we chat, there is a option like in inbox for a custom order send the buyer that.

Amazing help, I never knew this part. Will it not cost additional charges to Buyers?
I appreciate your help.
Thank you so much !

Thanks Priya for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

Yes it will cost additional for the buyer - that was what you wanted to achieve wasn’t it? There will be whatever additional charge you need to charge your buyer (plus fiverr fees). It will be whatever amount you put in the custom extra offer.

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Thanks a lot, noted.