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Order Deliver I work Also But today i saw order cancle and payment refunded to buyer

Dear Support Team,

Here i am having problem.I work for the buyer.Order has been deliver and done also.Everything is clear but after 10 12 days order has been cancle and money refunded to buyer notice i receive.What is this.I Loose money and my hard work too.Why this happen.Who will bear this.Please let me know.Any solution.

Unfortunately there’s not any solution to this.

I know you’re upset, I think most of the sellers have been on this situation at least once, but there’s nothing you can do unfortunately.

Orders could be cancelled for several reasons:

  • Buyer filed a Paypal dispute: money is taken back from you and refunded and user account is banned on Fiverr

  • Buyer was not satisfied of your delivery and decided to cancel: buyers are allowed to do this; you can fight with him creating a ticket on Customer Support site, but 99% of the time you're not going to win... but maybe it worths a try

  • You were late with your delivery and order has been cancelled: buyer gets his money back and you receive a warning

  • Funds used to buy the gig were not authorized (stolen credit card or something similar), so fraud team deleted the order

Finally: Customer Support team doesn't read this forum, so if you want to contact CS use the support site, not the forum...