Order delivered 3 days ago, but still not marked complete


Hi there. I recently delivered my order like 3 days ago. But, the buyer doesn’t reply and secondly, order is not marked as complete. Why is this happening? :frowning:


Sometimes the system is sluggish. If the buyer doesn’t request a modification (or cancellation), it will be automatically marked as complete, it just may take a little longer than 72 hours.


Yes , just give it another day or so …it happens automatically. Some buyers just don’t bother…once when they got their order you never hear from them again…kind of sad and disappointing … :-S


You can get the exact time by clicking on the “Resolution Center” link at the top. It will tell you the exact amount of hours in which an order will be automatically marked completed in real-time. Kinda hidden from the sellers, but it is there :slight_smile:


Reply to @aakarsh1997: Good tip. Thanks!