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Order delivered but client didn't marked complete


What if order is delivered on time but client didn’t marked it complete with in deadline?
if he forget to do so.



After delivering your service and the client forgot to mark it as complete, the Order will be automatically closed in 3 days.

Hope it helps! :slight_smile:


whats about positive review and stars …?


If I’m not mistaken, when seller marks the order as completed, the Buyer has 3 days to leave a review for the seller.

If the buyer leave you a review, the order will be automatically closed. Otherwise, it will be automatically closed after 3 days.


Buyers have 10 days to leave a review. If they don’t do it within 10 days, they can no longer rate the order.

Please keep in mind that buyers are not obliged to leave a review.

You might want to read Fiverr’s Terms of Service, there’s a lot of information there, and you’ll learn how Fiverr works.


Ahh… that is a mistake. :no_mouth:

@payalo786 and @seozilla1 ,



the Order will be automatically closed in 3 days.