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Order Delivered but how will i know about the status of the order?

Hi, Recently I received my 1st order. i had 5 days deadline to deliver it. I completed the order on 3rd day and delivered it, the buyer liked the delivered work, she praised it alot but wanted few took me one more day to made those changes and i re-delivered the order. now the buyer is not responding, she saw the ordered i delivered , she came online, didn’t reply and not changing the status of the order at her end. now i have one day left. 5 days deadline will complete tomorrow. Will i receive my Money ?
please help me since i made my 1st sale and i don’t know about how the transaction process works and how the buyers pay you once they receive the order.

Yes… If you are deliver your oder that time… That’s all right… And you do your modifications and deliver however oder will complete in 3 days after you deliver it’s automatically do by fiverr system and recive the money to you… But buyer review :frowning: it’s very important thing… So don’t worry about money. Do oders , get buyer satisificaion reviews , do your work deliver on time , You can go long job with fiverr :slight_smile:


Same happend with me.
On friday i delivered my first order but after 4 days,buyer did not contact with me.Its so starnge.
What should i do now?please guide me

Buyers don’t need to contact you after you’ve delivered - they’ve finished their part, and so have you.

If they want to leave a feedback, they’ve got 30 days to do it - but please don’t message them to ask for it. :wink:

Added - your profile doesn’t indicate you’ve delivered an order - was it done through messages only? If it was, then it wasn’t an order I’m afraid. :slightly_frowning_face:

Dear Offline helper
please tell me that what is the proper procedure to deliver an order and how to put a bill to customer.

Here’s some general info:

If you’ve delivered work via a message and want to charge a customer retrospectively (good luck with that BTW) then you’ll need to send a custom offer:

For the future, please never do work without an order first as this will indicate that your buyer has in fact paid for your services before you start.

Good luck! :sunny:

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