Order delivered but no earnings


i have completed my order and it say it will take 3 days to make my order as completed and my earnings also show zero why ???


Sometimes it takes time for the money to show up in your account, kindly wait few more day then see your account earning or else contact fiverr team, good luck :slight_smile:


thnks for your reply . but why did it show it will take 3 days to mark that order as completed?


Yes, it will take 3 days to mark complete the order automatically and after 4 days you will see that earnings in your account. happens with me alot, don’t worry, you will get your earning of your hard work. :slight_smile: good luck for future.


Once you deliver the order, the buyer has 3 days to either accept the order, or to request a revision. If they accept the order, you’ll have the funds placed on hold for 14 days until you can retrieve them. If the buyer doesn’t respond, the system will automatically close the order out after 3 days.


Very good explanation.