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Order delivered but no money?!

So, this is the thing. I’ve done 2 gigs for a user, one for $5 and one for $100 and I delivered them both in the same day however the 5 one is already marked as completed because the buyer already left feedback or released the funds or whatever and the money is pending clearance, but the 100 one is still only marked as Delivered and no money from there is pending clearance…

I’m trying not to be suspicious of the buyer, but… what gives?! can anyone shine a light on this?

Also is there a way of contacting fiverr support directly? or are they here only to take their 20% and don’t give a … for the worker…

I worked really hard for that money, I practically pulled a one nighter working on that gig!

There are 2 ways a gig can get marked as complete:

  • If the buyer marks the gig as complete
  • 3 days after the gig is delivered, it is automatically ‘completed’ in the system.

    So, what probably happened is your $5 gig buyer marked the order as complete themselves, and your $100 gig buyer didn’t. After 3 days, the $100 gig will be automatically marked as complete, and THEN the funds will start the 14-day ‘pending clearance’ cycle!

@happybex you must be right. It just looked suspicious to me because both orders where form the same user (buyer)… so why not release them together?! oh well lets wait and see.

Reply to @miguel_correia: You will get used to it. This is considered normal here to not rate the order.

I’ve had something similar happen, when one buyer ordered two of my gigs back to back, for different kinds of work on the same project. I delivered both at the same time; she accepted and left me feedback on the first order, but didn’t do anything on the second. I assume she just forgot or missed that both orders had to be accepted, since they were both for work on the same manuscript. And of course the second one got automatically marked as complete after three days, so no problem.

If your buyer suddenly comes back out of the blue and requests a refund when you know they were happy with your work, then it’s probably time to be suspicious.

You could try sending the buyer a message just to check that they’re happy with the results on the $100 gig, or if they have any questions…some people are absent-minded or busy and need a little nudge. Otherwise, I’d just hang tight and wait for it to auto-complete.

Reply to @miguel_correia: They probably didn’t have enough funds to cover the bigger order and needed the extra three days.