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Order delivered but not receving

I am a new seller on fiverr. My client gave me an order and I done the work. I delivered the work but he not receiving the order. He came sometimes and he lef away. What should I do now?

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It is normal. If you delivered, he didn’t acknowledge the completion… It will auto-complete in three days time.


Thanks a lot. I didn’t knew that. :heart_eyes:

If your buyer doesn’t accept/review your delivery,don’t worry about this. The order will be marked automatically in 3 days.

But in that case, there’s a possibility, you’ll not get a feedback from the buyer.

So, keep trying to notify him once each day and ask for a deliberate, if your buyer gets time to accept your delivery and provide a feedback, it’ll help your profile make brighter.

But never ask buyer for a review/feedback.


Thank you bro. :heart_eyes:

Bad advice.
NEVER bug a buyer unsolicited. You could be reported for spam and get an account warning or worse.
You delivered your order. Your part of this is done. It is now up to the buyer IF they decide to contact YOU. Not the other way around.



wait here until to come back your buyer

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