Order delivered, Buyer is offline


Hi there,

I had an order 2 days before yesterday. Day before yesterday i’m done with the work and i delivered it. but seller still not responded on it. he didn’t came online. tomorrow the order will automatically marked as completed. but my problem is, if he come online after order completion, if he dissatisfied with the delivery or he may need to make a revision. what will be happen since the order is completed. he may leave me a bad feedback. :disappointed_relieved: I’m very appreciated if someone can give me an idea on this situation. I’m pretty much new to fiverr so i don’t know what will be happen.



If your product is good.
You do not have to worry about it


If he is not satisfied, he will message you and you can choose to either give him an after delivery revision or get a negative feedback.


I did well. but there may be difference thought on it than he explained me. he may need a revision!


Your order will be rejected if buyer needs revision, so you can fix it