Order delivered on time


I need really one advice. I delivered an order and I delivered on time with everything that is asked of me but the client does not respond. He does not want to cancel or to accept. Do you have experiences like this and what I should do?
Thank you.


Hello Ivana, if your buyer won´t do anything, the order will be automatically marked as complete 3 days from delivery, no need to worry.


I know that but it is not fair. I do not know what happens. People are not fair really.


And thank you for your respond.


Why’s it not fair? That’s just how it works - sometimes buyers download their files and aren’t seen again. They don’t have to accept your delivery give a gushing review every time I’m afraid.

Please don’t worry about it - it happens.


This is a strange comment for an adult to make, but of course it’s ‘fair’. It’s allowed by the system for the convenience of the buyer and the seller. You get paid. Sounds ‘fair’ to me.


I always deliver my orders at right time.


I wouldn’t consider it unfair. You’ll get paid, the buyer gets what they asked for.

Sure, it’d be nice if everyone left glowing reviews … but, how often do you leave reviews? :slight_smile:



Who pays in that case?


Relax, it’s all good :slight_smile:
Your buyer is shy or busy. Possibly a bit rude.
But he paid you.


Well in the grand scheme of things, the buyer pays because they’re the buyer, and the seller - well you get the idea.

The seller pays regardless! Why should it be any different here?

Sounds like you need a trip to the academy!


Thank you for your information. You see it is not about my reviews or my payment. It is I was informed otherwise. And that otherwise seemed to me little a bit unfair to the people who provide all this.
Thank you.