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Order delivered - order completed

I am new seller on fiverr. I completed my order, client was very happy, but still have not received clients approvement of order competed and review. Should I be worry?

Hi. No you shouldn’t worry. The buyer has 3 days to mark the order as complete and to give you a review :slight_smile:

hi i am new seller

i have Free downloaded fitness models images from different websites and i place logo on that as describe in my Service… and i put these images after i place logo in MS power point and after that i save the file in JPEG File interchanged format and deliver the file to my clients from where they can save their photos…

Can You plz Tell me that Is there any problem to fiverr with such images which i have free downloaded…???
and is there any problem to fiverr if i deliver the photos in such files…?

Can i do this Plz…??? Plz Guide me about these 2 questions, Thank You… i will be very thankful to you

If they’re copyright free, then you have no problems.

You did check the copyright before you downloaded them I hope? If you didn’t then you could be in a great deal of trouble with the models and your buyers.

Might be better to check again?

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@sami8022, did you obtain the permission from Anllela Sagra to use her photo to advertise your gig?

If not, what you’re doing is illegal and a copyright violation.


who is anlella sagra?

A Colombian fitness model. You’re using her photo as your gig photo. Do you have her permission to do that?

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oh yeah i git her…

but i have downloaded such photos from a website where there was no copyright word used in the bottom of that website so i downloaded these photos… plz guide me

Feel free to review the Terms Of Service and try to only use your artwork. I strongly recommend creating a custom image for your gigs. That’ll help you sell more and start having buyers purchase from you!

Best of luck!

If there is no mention of copyright at all, then you should always assume that you do NOT have the right to use the photo.

For example, if you were to go to Wikimedia Commons or one of many sites that offers copyright or royalty free photos, they will always have a statement listed that tells you if the image is in the public domain or just free to use with credit given, or whatever else applies.

If you don’t see any statement telling you that you have 100% permission to use an image, you can not use it, especially for commercial purposes. If you ignore all that, your account can be banned for copyright infringement.


i have seen alot of other gig doing the same work… so i am not sure they have got permission from people using their photos… and how can i get the permissions to use these photos?

then what i do now…? i have only this skill and i want to do a business like this… from where i can get the royalty free images of fitness models where i can start a business of that…? plz help

They haven’t been caught yet.

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then what i do now…? i have only this skill and i want to do a business like this… from where i can get the royalty free images of fitness models where i can start a business of that…? plz help and guide me

Models do that for a living, and you wish to exploit their work without compensating them?

Those other people can be banned when they are caught, just like you can. If you see a guy buying illegal drugs, does that automatically give you the right to buy drugs until the police catch the other guy?

You can contact the person who is in the photo if you can find a way, or you can locate the owner of the copyright and ask them. In most cases they aren’t going to give you free permission, you’ll either get a “no” or be asked to pay to use the photo. Either use artwork that you created or go to websites where there are freely available images with legal text that gives you clearance to use them.

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what if i just give the websites address to the buyer, they will download the photos and will send me and i will do their work on their choice images, can i do that or it will also illegal ?

If the buyer doesn’t obtain the proper permission (and pay for it), then yes, it would be illegal.

That would also be illegal if the buyer didn’t have all the rights to the images.

The easiest thing would be to just create a different gig, one where the would be no issues with copyright etc.

can you explain me the different gig plz…?

i have only the skills of placing logos on something… and i wana start here this on fiverr… what shuld i do now…?