Order delivered - please review!


For my understanding a gig is delivered when the work is done as only then you can leave a evaluation of the service provided by the seller. Look at the screenshot below. My seller just STARTED his work and sent me a link - the gig is not DELIVERED yet and of course I do not leave a feedback yet.

According sellers description, he will deliver 50k web clicks within 10 days. The seller should actually send GIG DELIVERED after these 10 days and not before. Right?

However his delivery time says 3 days and he “delivered” one day early. Do you see the discrepancy here between gig executed and delivered? I believe this happens often for DIGITAL MARKETING. And there is a also somehow a trap for buyers to leave a evaluation too early which might later on results in a battle between seller & buyer due to possible lack of service quality.

How is your experience? Fiverr, what do you say?


I ordered 2 gigs (as a buyer) from the Digital Marketing and this happened with me both the times. I usually keep the order open without submitting a feedback even if it gets automatically marked as completed and when the sellers complete their work I leave the feedback.

Who’s “Fiverr” here? LOL :smile_cat:

Btw 50k Hits in 10 days? Sound fishy to me…


I meant the masters, the gurus - commonly known as mods :wink:

I do the same but I think it’s somehow a gap in the system, probably.

Actually he does a good work so far, believing his analytics link…


50k. This are just bots nothing more, I once had a youtube viewer and like which could hit 300k within 1 day.


Nope, no bots according analytics link but let’s not discuss this as I want to discuss the GIG DELIVERED issue.


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Good morning Tom!

I thought you’d got this one sorted, but we’ll have another go - you reckon your seller didn’t deliver what you ordered, so you’re not prepared to leave feedback and mark the gig as complete.

Quite right - contact CS and explain that the gig wasn’t completed as described before it was delivered and ask for a refund - problem solved, and you’ll get your $6 back.


Hello Lorna, nope this is another topic and has nothing to do with your quote. Maybe you read again the topic?


I’ve read the topic quite clearly - and have suggested a solution - the gig was delivered before the 50k visitors were supplied, so therefore was not what you ordered.

Solution - contact CS and get your refund.


The reason why the seller delivered early was because. Now because you say they are not bots. The seller got 50k people to click on your link before the 10 days were over.


What I mean here Lorna is, the seller has a 3 day delivery time but stated in his gig a 10 days delivery time for the clicks. He should actually update his gig with a delivery time of 10 days (according description).

He sent me his analytics link to track the progress but he should do so rather as a message than as GIG DELIVERED.
For me no need to contact CS yet and ask a refund. I will wait for the 10 days if he delivered hat he promised and do then an evaluation.


forget the bot topic that’s not the issue here. Thank you.


If the delivery time says 3 days, but in the gig description it says that the work will be done within 10 days, why did you purchase it?

As for this:

I’m not sure whether you’re aware of it, but forum mods are Fiverr sellers who volunteer their time and effort to keep the forum clean for everyone.


I was aware of the 10 days in the description even his gig stated 3 days delivery time. I told him he should update his gig to 10 days delivery time. But take a look at the DIGITAL MARKETING gigs and you will find often this discrepancy as said earlier.

Thx for the mods explanation. I wasn’t aware that they are only SELLERS. I thought also BUYERS. Not?


Many sellers are also buyers.

As far as I know, mods get chosen among the people who are already active on the forum, and who have proven to be helpful. Sometime last year, there was also a post that invited those who were interested in becoming mods to apply.


Great - I hope it all works out for you!


If I were you, I’ll leave the order without leaving a feedback. According to fiverr, you have 30days before you are unable to leave a feedback on that particular gig. So just wait the ten days out and if it’s still not up in your site, you can leave a very bad review to save blind buyers or contact CS to get your money back.


Hi multisync3,

Allow me please to make a comment or two.

“According sellers description, he will deliver 50k web clicks within 10 days. The seller should actually send GIG DELIVERED after these 10 days and not before. Right?.. I was aware of the 10 days in the description even his gig stated 3 days delivery time. I told him he should update his gig to 10 days delivery time.”

I would agree, he should have this gig delivery time set to 10 days, 11 days in my opinion, offering an extra day for any discrepancies. As noted, a message saying “I’ve begun the process” or something to that extent should be delivered in the body of the order. Once all 50k web clicks have been accomplished then a delivery with probably a screenshot showing evidence of the case should be presented. In the case of delivering before hand as he does state “WITHIN” meaning 1-10 days, if he has accomplished this before the 10 days, then the same should be done, a screenshot showing the 50k being achieved and delivery. With that said, minimum his order should be set to is 10 days because that is his maximum allotted time.


Yes, you are correct it should then be 10 +1. 11 days delivery time. Agree. Thank you.


Since he didn’t finish the work, you can click on Request Revision instead of allowing the order to automatically complete, and politely remind the seller that clicking on Deliver Now before the work is actually accomplished is strictly forbidden by Fiverr’s Terms of Service (repeatedly doing it can lead to a permanent ban, too). Maybe that will motivate the seller to change the delivery time of his gig. If he’s smart, once you request revision, he will click on Resolve Now button and ask for an extension of the delivery time; if you accept it, there will be no harm to the seller, unless he fails to deliver as advertised.

Just a suggestion. :slight_smile: