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Order Delivered, Revision Requested, I have a question


I got my first order and I delivered in 24 hours instead of 2 days. The buyer replied on 3rd day and requested a revision. Time says ##Late##

What should I do? Should I charge the buyer? Because 2 days have been passed. The buyer was responsive before delivering work and after delivering he is not so much responsive.




No worries…,
As long as you deliver the first update before the deadline, it won’t affect your “delivery rate” later. So…, even though your client as the revisions on the last day…, you should do the revisions.


What will be deadline for revisions?

There are no deadline for revisions,
But if your client ask for revisions, you should deliver it as soon as you can.

Once, my client told me that he is busy and will do the revisions later.
He just press “ask the revisions” and didn’t provide any detail…, up to 1 month.
I tried to contact him, without any reply.
After that, i decide to send the project again…, and the order complate without any problem later.


Great. Thanks for your help. If client approved sample and when I delivered the task, he is saying that give a discount on the task as it is partially delivered. What can i do now?

Are you giving him the works not from order page?
Never send buyer the work outside order page,

I didn’t quite understand how it became likeyour current situation.
But a good buyer won’t ask a discount in the middle of the project.

Politely say that you can’t give any discount . Both of you have a project cost deal as per agreement in the first place.

Unless you doing something that make buyer a little dissapointed.

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Thanks! I was able to complete order and get 5 star review. Thanks for your help!