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Order delivered, still counting

I delivered an order in time, but the time counter didn’t stopped. Now it’s showing LATE and sending me emails saying that I’m late and the client can cancel the order at any time. What is going on?

Make sure you deliver using the big GREEN deliver order button.

I can’t tell you how many times I delivered the gig in the plain ol’ message box. I’d almost bet money that’s what happened.

After you deliver a gig always make it a habit to check your to-do’s immediately after. If you do accidentally deliver in the message box it’ll still be on your list and you can click the green button and deliver again.

I used the green button, and delivered again, but still nothing. Tried to contact them by support, but nohting.

And fiverr giving me messages like “Delivering a Gig late can result in 10% lower buyer activity”. So, given hat I’m taking around 5 orders per month, this is basically will be the end of my fiverr journey. Thanks fiverr.

Order problem solved. I submitted a support ticked, and then contacted them on Facebook too, but the bug is probably still present.