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Order delivered too early

My order (digital markeing) should be ready on 14 August. Suddenly it was ready sooner. Because of this I couldn’t write a revuew for seller 5dollars. I can only say that whatever this person did, it didn’t lead to one single sale.
My Fiverr dashboard says I have no active orders and no delivered orders. Of course Fiverr has been paid. Whtafor? I have no idea. To me it is a big scam which I’ll nver use again and I will warn everybody against it.

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Please, explain clearly. You ordered a seller an order for $5.00 dollars. Seller delivered earlier than you expected, which is great! You have the work done faster.

Haven’t you still get sales? Maybe no one still interested. But the word has been spread, seller did what he can! And what I got from you is that you can’t write a review to that seller?

You started an order! The seller should be paid for the work he did. If you need a revision, you can ask for your work being modified.

Of course, there are scammers on Fiverr, and I’ve ordered such sellers. But they can often be easily distinguished. If you think he did nothing or scammed you, you can cancel the order. You can go to the Resolution Center on your order page:


Again, Fiverr is not scam, but there are scammers in! Hope this helps!

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Most buyers appreciate it when the order is delivered faster.

After the order is delivered, the buyer gets an email notification (unless they’ve disabled notifications), and has 3 days to request revision or mark the order as complete and rate it. If the buyer does nothing for 3 days after delivery, the order is automatically marked as complete, but you should have 30 days after that to leave a review.

The option to leave a review should be on the order page. If it’s not, it could be a bug, and you can contact Customer Support about it.

Does their gig description promise that you will get sales? If not, and if they did what they said they’d do, the seller isn’t at fault.

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Buyers don’t usually complain about gigs being delivered early, quite the reverse - it’s a really good thing when you get what you ordered before you expected it.

I can see you’re fairly new to Fiverr - welcome! :sunny:

Here’s a page which will tell you more about how to accept a delivery etc.


The seller’s job is to advertise your product and get you some exposure. They can’t promise people sales.That’s impossible to do.

What if you were the only person who thought what you were selling was great?

One time… I had a buyer selling “sushi socks” socks that looked like a huge california roll :sushi::rofl::joy: (certainly not in demand ANYWHERE):- and they didn’t go over great with my audience. The seller got mad at me as a result and gave me a bad review lol…

But he or she thought they were fabulous and would likely never be convinced otherwise :no_mouth:

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You should be able to leave a review no matter how late or early the reading is.