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Order delivery dispute after confirmation of order delivery

I have completed an order with a seller and confirmed it, it was basically permenant followers on Twitter. After confirming, the order the followers disappeared.
What are my options?

Few and far between I’d think.

Buying and selling Twitter followers is against Twitter’s ToS, and therefore against Fiverr’s ToS as well.


Then how come the service was approved to be listed on fiverr in the first place?

It wasn’t that it was approved, it was just it hadn’t been removed, as many of them have been.


if you have not eliminated the gigs. You can continue working while. you give him the followers for which he chose your work, unless you still need requirements to be able to make his request

The OP is a buyer, not a seller. :wink:

Buying and selling Twitter followers is against Fiverr’s ToS.


I guess it would be better to establish an approval process for listings to avoid such issues. Fiverr is a trusted app now and what is listed on it is believed to be trustworthy… it is quite disappointing to know otherwise!

Even if the gigs already exist, it is because fiverr gives permission to perform this type of work (purchase of followers). If not, the gigs would not be on the page. What was I referring to?

No, it’s not. Gigs aren’t approved as and when they’re put up. :slightly_smiling_face:

Buyers should also be careful and realise that buying followers is against Twitter’s ToS.

Caveat emptor.


This is not true. I second what @smiler3d wrote. Gigs are not approved as and when they’re created.

Since there are probably thousands of gigs that are created everyday, it is not possible for Fiverr staff to check each and every gig as and when they’re created to see whether or not they abide by the ToS. It is when Fiverr does one of their “purge drives” to remove gigs that are against the ToS that such gigs get removed from Fiverr. Fiverr also remove gigs that violate the ToS when they receive a genuine flag/report for certain gigs that the community thinks violates the Fiverr ToS.