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Order Delivery doesn't work

I am trying to deliver an order but I keep ending up with this message: For privacy reasons, this user may not be contacted directly.

What is going on? Anyone experiencing or have experienced that error before? How am I supposed to deliver what has been ordered? I don’t want it to run out of time!!!


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It generally means the buyer isn’t on Fiverr anymore. You’ll need to contact CS to cancel the order, as you’re unlikely to cancel it yourself.

Reply to @emeraldawnn: But his profile still exist on Fiverr. I’ve seen what happens to deactivated accounts, they just don’t plain exist and you’ll be redirected to the main page.

Hmmm that is weird. I guess I won’t get paid for the work I have done now???

Ow the same happens to me!

It means the person was flagged by Fiverr admin or another Fiverr user most likely. I get it all the time. Lose out on clients that way. One minute someones interested and because they inquired with multiple people about things they got flagged. Also happens if the account looks suspicious. If you can’t deliver, send a cancel and move on. In 2 days if there is no response it will cancel automatically.

Yeah but then if it’s like a $100+ order and a job that took days for you to do then you lose it. It’s crap. Fiverr should protect sellers. I believe once order is placed it has already been paid by credit card/paypal by the buyer. If the account turns out fraud then they should flag the seller ASAP and cancel all orders the person placed. That way sellers won’t continue to work on the order just to find out they can’t deliver then they would just have to cancel. :confused:

this happens to me yoo

what should i do now to deliver my order

You’re asking someone who haven’t been on the forum since 2015.