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Order Delivery Error

I delivered my first order of .jpg and .png files. The customer was unable to see the files. But the order was delivered successfully. What’s wrong? Can anyone guide me please?

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Ask them to check it from the laptop through chrome browser. Fiverr app is glitchy quite often.

I asked but he says nothing found.

Re-upload the files through a message in the order - not delivery. Sometimes Fiverr’s system is glitchy, and even if we see files attach, they don’t always stay there. Had to it happen to me last week with a repeat client. It’s why I also make a notation to my clients about the issue in case they experience it.

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Ok. Thank you. I was worried

In addition to what @emeraldawnn says, if that doesn’t work, try uploading the files to DropBox or a similar service (just make sure there’s no personal contact information), and send your buyer the link.

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Ok great. That’s also the best way. Thank you

Regarding that glitch, for future deliveries, it’s a good idea to take a screenshot just before you hit the deliver button, when one can see the attached files, just in case you need it to prove to support that you did send the files.