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Order delivery late or not?

I’ve delivered an order just on the line of finish time.

But I don’t know if I was in or out the delivery time… Maybe I’ve delivered 1 minute later or not. How can I see? My order now is marked as delivered, but no indications at all about the late…

DUE ON say to me 42 minutes. It should be written late or not?

It’s my first late delivery and I don’t know how it works…


If it’s not marked as late, then you just made it!


Maybe it will be marked late when the buyer mark the order as complete… Am I wrong?

Don’t be panic. You can see the result after buyer accept the order. Hope it won’t affect on your profile.

If you’ve delivered, even if it’s just in time, then you weren’t late and it doesn’t matter when or if the buyer marks it complete.

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