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Order delivery late


i get the order in fiverr.the time limit is 24 hours.i have submitted the order in time but the buyer can’t accept the order and revision the order.i get 1 chance again but again i submitted the order and the time limit is the buyer want to modify the project.if i modify the project and send to the buyer so i will get the payment?


Yes, if the buyer accepts your work this time. :relaxed:


i mean after late if i send the project then i will get payment after accept the buyer order?


Yes, exactly! :slight_smile:


yes! Do not worry
But for the next project you can increase the days :wink:


you can deliver your order in time if the buyer will check it the order after 24 hrs and give the modification then it will go on late mode and you have to hurry to deliver your order so your order was not go much in late mode.


i have $36 in my fiver account.can i with draw or transfer in local account ?


Yes, you can have it transferred to your checking or savings account for a $1 charge.