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Order delivery on time but yet accepted by buyer

Hello there,
I have completed my order before time and deliver it. but the buyer didn’t respond yet and right after placing order she went away, not listen to my queries.
Does it effect my account or i am safe yet.?


if you delivered it at time then you are safe


Yes it’s effects on your profile.

how would it be? i hve done from my end.its buyer who didn’t come online yet.

If you delivered the order before the due time just wait till the feed back from the buyer. Do not need to message them. If the buyer not responded within 3 days the order will be automatically marked as completed.

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Wait little client will reply…

No, it’s not affected as I know.


If buyer request a revision then you’ll get “LET DELIVERY” APPEARING on your order page. In case you deliver revision then, it will effect your “delivery time” as well as your gig.

In case buyer does not request a revision and order get completed, Then there wont be any effect.

So if buyer requests a revision, immediately send extension request for revision.

No… if the buyer requested any revision and even if it is past the due time it will not effect you as a late delivery do not worry about it.

If you are delivered the order before the due time your are safe.

This is completely wrong. It might not effect sellers with tens of orders daily. But if you have few orders, Try it and see it yourself.

We did a case study and it effects. LATE DELIVERY is counted late. Avoid That Big Red text in any case. A brotherly advice :slight_smile:

On red color text it will show you as LATE DELIVERY but it will not counted as late and about this many times discussed in this forum you can search and see the reply. Please refer the follow:

I believed forum until we tested yesterday and then today. I dont believe anymore after personal experience. Mostly on forum people reply just because they read it on forum.

Like I said it might not effect sellers when tens of orders daily. But if you have fewer order, You’ll see drop in delivery time

Here is my . conversation with fiverr support just as a proof to what I said

I am a graphic designer and on my Product Packaging gig i have provided more revisions and most of the times after the revision the delivery time will be past the due time and it never effected the delivery time statistic

SO you dont extend the delivery time when buyer requests revision?
Sometime they request on day-3 when order is about to complete? You just deliver it again, even when its showing “LATE”

Once the buyer requested a revision i never extended the delivery time. but always try to make it fast coz it will effect your gig place on the search result.